life sux man.

Hey, I'm Austin... I'm 18 and I'm a junior at PCA. Taken

Oh, and I have a wife.

It’s dying down and I feel like dying sigh. 


my personal tho


followed you. C:

i barely get on facebook, but whatevs


nope~ lol i kinda regret not asking people back when pca was around bc like wow lost everyone that meant something to me basically sdlgukjdk

I’m friends with someone people from here but not everyone. heres mine if you wanna add me yhtgrfed facebook

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would it be weird and inappropriate if I told you guys to add me on facebook? sdfhgfds

I don’t wanna leave you guys tonight because then we won’t keep in touch and it will just be sad and depressing.

remember when lynn cheated on allen with ethan then like the next day started dating austin. didn’t know she had it in her.

Remember when Royce went psycho and was stabbing people?